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Steve Davis firing the Kazegama and feeding wood ash in Idyllwild, Ca. 2001 during the Idyllwild Ceramic Survey.
Works by Steve Davis
Decomposed granite from a roadside in Idyllwild, Calif. was wedged into Woodfire clay before throwing and altering with a cheesecutter. Johnson flashing slip was brushed over this jar in the greenware state and bisqued to cone 04. After firing for 4 hours to cone 8, several pounds of screened wood ash from California Pizza Kitchen were blown into the kiln via blower burners. The last handfull of ash was a mixture of copper carbonate, soda ash, and wood ash. 5 minutes later the kiln was turned off.
The vase on the left was side fired on a bed of sintered ash that is left over from the wood ash screening process. This creates a mellon surface with colors that can go lilac in a cone 10 firing. The vase on the right has a heavy coat of Smooth Orange Slip on it and was fired upright on wads. The heavier the application, the larger the cracks are that form during drying..
Plates made with "Grodzilla" clay from Clay Planet, San Jose, Ca.
AMACO Saturation Gold on sides of plates.
Smooth Orange Flashing Slip on Aardvark Clay's Woodfire clay.
Basket and cup lined with Aardvark Clay's cone 5 Charcoal Matte and Oatmeal Matte.
Teapot with Smooth Orange Slip, woodfire vase, and a Kazegama fired tea set that was fired as is.
Woodfired firebox boat fired in Idyllwild Ca.